Are You a Candidate for Ortho-K Treatment?

Are You a Candidate for Ortho-K Treatment?

Are You a Candidate for Ortho-K Treatment?

Are You a Candidate for Ortho-K Treatment?

Myopia is a common eye condition that affects many people around the world. It is one of the leading reasons for wearing corrective lenses. Many people wear glasses or contacts as a way to improve their vision. For years, people have been looking for a more permanent solution for vision correction. 

Laser vision correction is one popular option for those who do not want to continue wearing glasses or contacts. Those who are unable or unwilling to have laser surgery can benefit from myopia control or orthokeratology (ortho-k).


Myopia Control

Myopia control involves the use of innovative techniques to slow or halt the progression of myopia. Research has shown that there are ways to keep myopia symptoms from worsening. The treatment allows patients to see clearly without using regular contacts or glasses. 


Ortho-k involves the use of corneal reshaping lenses that shape the cornea while the patient sleeps. The contacts apply gentle pressure to the eye to get them to the desired shape. The special contact lenses are made from gas-permeable material that makes them safe to wear while sleeping. 

Benefits of Myopia Control

There are reasons why myopia control is beneficial. The most important benefit is reducing the risk of developing vision-threatening conditions. Severe myopia can lead to complications in the future. Some eye issues linked to myopia include glaucoma, cataracts, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration. These eye diseases that have been linked to high levels of myopia often lead to vision loss among senior citizens. 

Are You a Candidate for Ortho-K?

Most myopia patients are good candidates for myopia control treatment. This means that if you suffer from myopia, you can benefit from innovative treatment. However, you will still need to be tested to make sure that you meet the requirements. Your eye doctor will assess to make sure that you meet the parameters. Your eyes need to be healthy before you get ortho-k.


Getting Ortho-K Treatment

The myopia control treatment is usually used in children. The treatment can be used effectively in children as young as seven years. Children who are too young and those who are not good candidates for LASIK can get the treatment. The treatment is also helpful for people who work in environments that make it difficult to wear contacts. Those involved in contact sports are good candidates for the treatment. Patients with dry eyes can also get ortho-k treatment.


What to Expect During Treatment

During ortho-k treatment, the eye doctor will measure the curvature of the cornea. This painless procedure will help in the creation of a topographical map of the eye surface. The doctor may use existing lenses to get the right fitting or you may need custom lenses. In most cases, temporary lenses are used until the patient reaches the desired goal of perfect vision. Most patients will need at least three pairs to achieve the ideal vision correction.


Ortho-k treatment can help to slow the progression of myopia. This reduces the risk of developing severe myopia and other conditions later in life. If you have been diagnosed with myopia, you can talk to your eye doctor about myopia control. You can correct your sight without resorting to surgery.

To Find out if you are a candidate for ortho-k, contact Graham Eye Care in Graham, Texas at (940) 549-1800 to schedule a consultation today!

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