Relief is in Sight.

Eyeglass lenses that reduce the painful symptoms of overactive near vision.

Your eyes work hard. Neurolens relieves the pain.

These painful symptoms are caused by today’s increased demands on your near vision.


Eye Strain

Neck & Shoulder


Dry Eye

Light Sensitivity

Neurolens Contoured Prism lenses reduce painful symptoms and restore your naturally comfortable vision.

Ahhh for your eyes.

Today’s eyes work hard. In work and leisure, busy people are using their near vision more than ever, especially with digital devices. When focusing up close, the disparity between comfortable vision and required vision can cause painful symptoms.

Neurolenses can be customized for every patient – any or no prescription and any type of frame. This special eyeglass lens reduces the symptoms of hardworking eyes.

Only a Neurolens specialist practice canprescribe the pain-relieving comfort of Neurolens.

Ask your doctor today.

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