How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Lifestyle

How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Lifestyle

How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Lifestyle

How to Pick the Best Glasses for Your Lifestyle

So, you need to wear prescription eyewear to help you to see clearly. If you’ve decided that you would prefer to wear glasses over contact lenses, you’ll still have a few important choices to make. While glasses can absolutely transform your vision, you want to pick a pair that complements both your face and your lifestyle. 


Glasses to Be Taken Seriously

If your work or other activities mean that you want and need the people around you to take you seriously, it’s important to remember that your glasses will be a key part of this image. Could you take someone seriously if they were wearing hot pink, sparkly glasses? Probably not. It’s no surprise that if you want to enhance your professional image, conservative colors and styles work best. Think oval and rectangular shapes, traditional muted colors like gold, brown, and black, and conventional materials like plastic and metal. You can still keep them modern without making them stand out from the crowd. Even if you only wear them for work, classic frames are most effective for taken seriously. 


Embrace Your Creative Side

If you work in a very creative industry, you’ll almost certainly feel a little more freedom to express yourself through your image. Choosing fashion-forward frames will help demonstrate that you are able to stay on-trend while selecting bright colors and designs that will clearly illustrate your personality. Still, prefer classic shapes? Choose an updated version with a bold and modern twist. Go as wild as you dare!


Committed to Social Consciousness

If the environment and social causes are very important to you, you can choose to stay true to yourself through your eyewear too. An increasing number of eyewear manufacturers and designers are choosing to create products from recycled or recyclable materials. Wooden frames are particularly hot for the 21st century, and their versatility means that they go with virtually every outfit too. 


Budget-Friendly Frames

Not everyone has the same budget when it comes to glasses. Fortunately, there are frames to suit all bank balances. While at one end of the spectrum you can choose designer styles costing hundreds of dollars, it’s equally possible to pick up a pair for less than $50 that will be just as functional. This could leave you free to spend more on the lenses themselves – getting coatings that work well with your lifestyle.


Blue Light Lenses

If you spend a good deal of time on the computer, you should speak to your glasses provider about blue light lenses. As their name suggests, they are designed to block out the artificial blue light that is emitted by digital devices like computers and cellphone screens. This could protect your eyes from long-term damage, as well as your body from some short-term effects like interrupted sleep patterns and daytime fatigue. 


Sports Style and Function

If you are a keen athlete, you’ll want to choose glasses that fit well with your active lifestyle. You may be surprised to learn that you can actually choose sports frames, which are designed with speed, stability, and flexibility in mind. Made from lightweight material, they are ideal for keeping your vision clear while you are on the move. You can also choose from different lens tints to support your chosen activity.

For example, yellow tints are good for low visibility, providing exceptional contrast and enhanced depth perception, while orange lenses are popular with golfers and shooting enthusiasts since they make objects appear in much sharper focus. You could even choose photochromic lenses which automatically change tint depending on the light conditions. 




For more advice on choosing the right glasses for your lifestyle, visit Graham Eye Care in Graham, Texas. Call (940) 549-1800 to schedule an appointment today.

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